Christina denton

Costume Illustrator | Writer | Character Artist

Hello! I'm Cookyy (Christina) and I'm a character artist with a passion for costuming! My inspiration comes from everything fantasy, especially breaking and pushing already existing tropes. I love to empower women and spread confidence.I currently reside in Chicago, IL and work as a freelance artist & small business owner. I do custom character commissions, as well as sometimes selling fandom merch on etsy.Thanks for visiting my site, and enjoy your stay!


outfit designs

FFXIV gil commissions

status: closed


A custom emote of your character for discord stickers & emotes, as well as emotes for any other platformIncludes a file package with a HQ 1340x1340px image & a 250x250px image at 600dpi
For personal use only !
1 emote - 500k
5 emotes - 2.5mil


sketches have flat colors and minimal shading. Additional charge for multiple characters, especially detailed outfits, or animal companions. Includes a simple one-color background.prices
portrait - 2mil
full body - 4mil

pay what you want

By ordering this experimental commission, the amount you pay determines how much time i spend working on the artwork. There are only 1 or 2 revisions, as this commission type is meant to be a 'give me your character + a theme and I do whatever I want' ! Commissions can be digital or traditional upon your request, or you can leave the decision up to me!Finished product will range from a bust sketch to a painted full-body, outfit designs, or maybe even a scene! Examples are of previous experiment pieces!prices
2hr of work for 5mil

Terms of service

I only accept 5 gil commissions at any given time, if I am currently closed you may contact me to be placed on my waitlist !Please note, any commission made via VGEN with usd take priority in my may view my queue here: on trello

1. All payments will be made prior to me starting your commission. Payment plans are available for larger orders over $150, the payment may be split into 2 or 3 installments.
->(a)Gil commission payment will be completed via a Mannequin at Amarilys Rue's personal house on Primal-Exodus (W28 P5). Once the payment amount is agreed upon, I will place an item for the amount to be purchased. (This way there are no market fees, and its a lot easier than trading 1mil at a time!)
2. Throughout the process, there will be three free revision stages: Rough Sketch > Final Flat Color Sketch > & Final Color Revisions. After the final revision, any extra revisions will be an extra charge.
->(a) PWYW (Pay What You Want) commissions only include 1 or 2 free revisions: sketch phase and/or final pass to fix any missed details or edit colors. Please refer to my revision guide for more info here
3.An additional charge may be added depending on the complexity of the character or design.4.Full refunds may not be requested after I have accepted the commission and started the sketch phase. Partial refunds are available if the sketch is finished but before the lineart or rendering stage. This will be a 50% refund. If I, the artist, am unable to complete a project, the client will be fully refunded.5.If you commission fanart, I am absolved from any legal responsibility if it is used for anything other than personal use.6.If you have any SPECIFIC poses or expressions in mind, please let me know in your request!7.You may use the artwork as you please for PERSONAL USE, feel free to upload / share on your social media as long as you use proper credit ( artwork by cookyyscloset) I will be uploading completed commissions to my art accounts on twitter, tumblr, & bluesky and retain the rights to use any work in my personal or professional advertisement and portfolio. WIPS will be uploaded to my Patreon after they have been approved by the client.8.All commissions, unless otherwise stated, will be delivered to the client in a file package. This package will include the .CSP work file, a high quality PNG image, and a lower quality JPEG image. While not required, it is appreciated that the client use the file titled 'IMAGEGLAZED' if the client should want to upload their commissioned piece to any public social media.9.Any artwork may not be resold or used for merchandise designs. If you intend to commission me for commercial work, there will be an additional fee depending on the project.10.Reselling of commission work through NFTs or otherwise is STRICTLY prohibited.11.Using my work for machine learning AI generation is STRICTLY prohibited.12.Commissions may take anywhere from 6-12 weeks from the start date. Expect 10-18 weeks for a painted commission, as this takes more time to complete. If you need a piece completed within a strict deadline, an additional fee will be applied. If a commission is taking longer than anticipated to be completed, I will notify the client and discuss these changes.13.Reference images (either game screenshots or drawings owned by the client) are required for all regular commissions. If you do not yet have an image design for your character, there will be an additional fee added. While written descriptions are appreciated, they will incur the design fee if not accompanied by images. If the client is unable to provide artwork of their character, photo references and moodboards are very much appreciated!14.AI Art is NOT an acceptable reference. Should you use AI as a reference image at any time throughout the process, I retain the right to immediate termination of our project.